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Devin Sewell

Software Developer with Ui/Ux Design experience.

Areas of focus: iOS & MacOS(Swift), Android(Java), IoT Firmware(Embeded C / ESP-IDF & NordicSDK), Full-stack, DevOps

9 months ago

Hatchtrack: incubation personal assistant

Android Studio(Java), AWS IoT, InfluxDB, PostgreSQL, Node.js

11 months ago

Ciye: in-goggle display and activity tracker

React Native, BLE PLX, Firebase, Firestore

2 years ago

GliscoTech: multi-channel smart growlights

ESP-IDF(IoT Development Framework), Mobile development, UI/UX Design

3 years ago

REX: procurement management as a service

SaaS Development, AWS Govcloud, TLS(AES256CBC)

4 years ago

Chronos: do more with your watch

iOS(Swift), Core Bluetooth, NordicSDK, Product Design

5 years ago

Edyn: connected garden

iOS(Objective-C), Data Visualization Development

6 years ago

Rain Local: precision geo-targetted mobile marketing

iOS(Objective-C), Node.js

7 years ago

NBCSports: SportsDash live curation system

Full-stack Development, DevOps

I'm a iOS & MacOS Software(Swift) Developer, Android & Windows Software(Java) Developer, Consumer Electronics(ESP-IDF & NordicSDK) Developer, Full-Stack Web Developer, Front-End Developer, with Game Development, Hardware Prototyping, UI/UX, Branding, and Front-End Design experience since 2003

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