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Devin Sewell

Software / Firmware

Expert in native iOS (proficiency in SwiftUI, UIKit for Swift5 & ObjC), Android platforms(Kotlin, Java), and Embedded systems (ESP-IDF, nRF SDK). I specialize in the augmentation and migration of established codebases and am versed in software design and new product inception.

  • SwiftUI
  • Swift5
  • Kotlin
  • Java
  • Embedded-C
  • NordicSDK
  • Php
  • Python
  • Relational Databases (SQL)
  • NoSQL DB
  • Time-series DB
  • C#
  • .NET

3 years ago (Current)

Hive Lighting

Lead Software Engineer, including development for: Crestron, Quazar Science, ERP Lighting, B-K Lighting

ESP-IDF/NordicSDK Firmware(Embedded-C), iOS(Swift), Android(Java)

4 years ago

Ciye: in-goggle display and activity tracker

OTA swift based highspeed BLE file transfer (10mb <4 min),Porting Swift to React Native, BLE PLX, Firebase

4 years ago

GliscoTech: multi-channel smart growlight

Firmware Development(ESP-IDF), OTA device control API, Progressive Web App Development, IoT

6 years ago

REX: procurement management as a service

SaaS Development, Gov

7 years ago

Chronos: do more with your watch

Objective C, Data Visualization, Core Bluetooth, NordicSDK, Product Design

8 years ago

Edyn: connected garden

Objective-C, Data Visualization, IoT

9 years ago

Rain Local: precision geo-targetted mobile marketing

Objective-C, Node.js

10 years ago

NBC/Yahoo: SportsDash live curation system

Live TV Broadcast, Browser-based Content Curation Development, Real-time twitter content, Network Fail-safe Caching, Front-end Development